If you are tired of hearing the cliched 'beer is a man’s drink', then here is your chance to bust the steroetype. The Smarty Pints Society is founded by beverage expert Karina Aggarwal and is located at Defence Colony, New Delhi.

Her main objective behind setting up 'Smarty Pints Society' is to bring women together without any inhibitions and have a good quality time without caring about questions or opinions on enjoying the cool drink.

''I end up doing a lot of beer appreciations and notice that women are almost always hesitant to ask questions or share opinions. They usually come up to me and say something and I thought it was high time we had a group without men being around to claim prerogative'', says Karina.

This is a fun place where women can chit-chat and enjoy their beer without thinking about the steroetypical society.

Another unique feature about this place is that it is a monthly thing. This time around it is Delhi and next time it can be Mumbai or Bangalore (Bengaluru). So, if you are a beer lover you must definitely try out this new place to chill out.

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