New Delhi: In what can be seen as a breakthrough in the field of cancer treatment, a group of Indian doctors have devised a new formula to treat people suffering from lung cancer which would reduce the treatment cost by fifty percent.

Keeping the interests of patients in mind, doctors from AIIMS conducted a study on 100 people suffering from lung cancer. The study performed under the supervision of Prof Randeep Guleria, a doctor in the Medicine Department of AIIMS, claims that the charge for chemotherapy used in the treatment of lung cancer will now be 50 percent less.

Guleria said, “The treatment of chemotherapy being quite expensive is out of reach of most of the patients. 100 different patients suffering from lung cancer in different age groups were selected for the study. They were given those medicines which are generally prescribed for chemotherapy but these were prepared especially after mixing various drugs. These medicines gave the same results which the normal treatment yields. But the cost of the new drugs was fifty percent less than before.”

Elaborating on the issue, he said, “The six cycles of chemotherapy will be given three times a week.” The study has been granted accreditation by the European Respiratory Society as well.

(JPN/ Bureau)