Mumbai: After Gandhian Anna Hazare, writer Chetan Bhagat is all set to train guns on corruption through his novel ‘Revolution 2020’.

The upcoming novel of the ex-IITian Chetan Bhagat concentrates around the irregularities in the education system. This novel is likely to prove a hit amongst the youth who have not only supported Anna Hazare but are also up in arms against the corrupt practices.

In his novel, Bhagat has written about an uprising against corruption in 2020 which can be very well compared to Hazare’s protest.

He has targeted the irregularities scavenging the education system in his book which is lined up for release in October.

The author whose bestseller novels have been based on a love story, college life in IIT, on life in a call centre, this time he has penned the youths’ growing restlessness amid corruption and unemployment. The story of ‘Revolution 2020’ is based in Varanasi.

Speaking about his new book, he said, “I had started writing my novel two years back before Anna’s movement took place. I am fortunate that this revolution coincides with my book release.”

He said, “My prediction on the issue of corruption has been proved correct.” Bhagat added, “While talking to the youths, I have felt their restlessness. The government has no interest in dealing with the problems of the youth as neither it is able to provide them good colleges or jobs.”