Patna:  Older than the known history and folk traditions, Chhath with its various mnifesttaions and contexts is also a festival of cultural revolution. The festival leaves inspirational messages for the devotees who contribute to the overall development and transformation of society.

Folk songs sung on the day hints on women empowerment, nature conservation, bio-diversity and social harmony. This festival also highlights the social issues like the worsening sex ratio of our country as well as the importance of education.

Social Welfare

Cleanliness is the first condition of this festival. People clean their houses along with the neighborhoods during Chhat.

Water Conservation

This festival also pays attention to water conservation. Emphasis is laid on the water sources which are on the verge of depletion. It hints at the attempt of maintaining and strengthening the natural balance and harmony.

Cottage Industry

Clay articles, handicrafts, pastilles etc hold special importance on this festival. On the occasion of Chhath, this industry gets special encouragement.

Social Harmony

People belonging to different communities believe in Chhat and unite to celebrate this festival in swing.