After the listed business for the day, including passing of the second supplementary budget demands for the fiscal 2014-15, Speaker Gaurishankar Agrawal adjourned the House sine die in evening.

The Speaker said the session was scheduled to conclude on December 24 but keeping in view the dates of urban body polls (to be held on December 27 and 31), the House has been adjourned early after taking unanimous decision.

"Under the Parliamentary government system, there is a space for the difference of opinion and ideology between the treasury and the opposition but impasse in the House is unacceptable. So we should retrospect our Parliamentary conduct and behaviour in this direction," the Speaker said.

The Speaker said this session will be remembered becauseopposition members did not participate in the House proceedings.

"On the contrary, while stressing upon their specific political demands (they) did not act according to Parliamentary conduct," he added.

The Speaker further said he agreed with the opinion that every member is associated to a political party and its ideology.

"Their commitment towards their party is necessary but it is necessary they should contribute towards maintaining highest degree of Parliamentary values and work in direction of strengthening it," he said.

During last three days of the Session, no discussion could be held during Question Hour due to the impasse created by Congress demanding resignation of Chief Minister Raman Singh and dismissal of Health Minister Amar Agrawal holding them "morally responsible" for the death of the women at the state-run sterilisation camps in Bilaspur.

The remaining business of the House was either conducted amid din or without the presence of Congress MLAs.

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