Dehradun: Famous hunter Edward Jim Corbett’s dream to turn ‘Chhoti Haldwani’ into a model town is now turning into a reality. Corbett, who in 1919 constructed his house here, wanted to develop it as an economically advanced and forest saving town.

With a turnover of Rs 9 lakh in the first quarter of the ongoing fiscal, this eco-village, today has not only attracted foreigners but has also improved on economic fronts with some help from the Forest Department.

It is said that in 1919 when Jim Corbett chose this place as his home, he wanted to develop it into a model town with all the required facilities. His part of dream also included to attract tourism to Chhoti Haldwani which could also serve as a home to several animals.

However, after independence the efforts to upgrade the town diminished. Hopes were revived with the formation of Uttarakhand when the government started planning and managing funds for the development of significant tourist spots. In addition, the Uttarakhand government gave a major shot in the arm to the efforts in this regard by launching the map of the region.

But, it took 10 long years for ‘Chhoti Haldwani’ to turn Corbett’s dream into reality with help of eco-tourism, adding to the glory of the town.

With the help of the Forest Department and Corbett Village Development Committee, several facilities including home stay, restaurants, cottage, tourist guides and jungle trial were also initiated adding to the turnover of Rs 13.4 lakh in 2010.

According to Rajiv Bhartari CCF (Eco-tourism), “Chhoti Haldwani is the best precedent of eco-tourism. More steps will be taken to augment the revenues in future.”


‘Chhoti Haldwani’ also known as ‘Queen of Village’
Established by Jim Corbett in 1915 it supported 221 acres
Jim Corbett’s house ‘Irish Cottage’ is now turned into a museum