Pantnagar: In a scathing comment on Union Home Minister P Chidambaram, Janata Party president Dr subramanian Swamy has said that now the Home Minister cannot escape jail for his alleged role in 2G spectrum allotment scam.

In an exclusive talk, Swamy said, “In 2008 licenses were sold at a price rate of 2001. Among the 9 companies which got the licenses, Swan and Unitech are real estate companies, they have nothing to do with telecom sector.”

“Among global companies which got licenses, one is linked to ISI and another one Telenor uses Chinese equipments which could be fatal in a war like situation. The Central government is protecting Chidambaram but now he cannot escape jail,” he added.

“Corruption and terrorism are the main causes behind blackmoney. On November 28, we are going to file an application with CBI for a serious probe into blackmoney issue,” said Swamy.

Commenting on Anna Hazare movement, he said, “As a person Anna Hazare is a good man, but I don’t agree with the fact that Jan Lokpal will eradicate the entire corruption. Also, if he is really serious about the movement then instead of having Naxalites around him, he should tie up with better people like saints and RSS.”

Swamy also targeted Sonia Gandhi, “She contributed in preparing communal violence bill and since she is not in government how can she support the bill? We have filed an application with the police crime branch under IPC for an FIR against her and if the same is denied we will go to court.”

He also said, “If Manmohan Singh will be removed as Prime Minister then Rahul will come hence we are striving for complete removal of the UPA government.”