The 2G spectrum-gate, which has badly battered the image of the UPA government, has become albatross for the ruling dispensation. With Chidambaram’s name having cropped in the 2G scam, the pressure on the Manmohan Singh government has mounted in multitude. Till now only Janta Party president Subramanian Swamy was demanding probe into the alleged role of the Chidambaram in the 2G spectrum scam, but the new revelations have made all the opposition parties to fire salvo towards the Home Minister. The situation has come to such a stage where the government failed to hush up the reality.  Earlier it was declared that the minutes of the meeting between the then Finance Minister Chidambaram and former Telecom Minister was not prepared, but later a dossier cropped up, making it clear that advice of the Finance Secretary regarding the spectrum’s allocation should be auctioned was jettisoned in that meeting. Undoubtedly, as then Finance Minister P Chidambaram had right to reject the proposition made by the secretary of his department, but the nub of the matter is why was it hushed up stating that Chidambaram had no role in the fixing of the prices of the 2G spectrum. Even the Pranab’s letter to the Prime Minister substantiating Chidambaram’s alleged role in the spectrum-gate, mentioned, had Chidambaram stressed on the auction of the 2G spectrum, 2G scam would have been averted. It is pertinent that this letter has been written recently and Chidambaram has indirectly been made accountable for the 2G bungling. Only can Pranab Mukherjee explain what made him shoot off such letter to the PM. This letter vividly unveils the clash between the two Cabinet ministers.

It is right now difficult to say what was the role of Chidambaram during the allocation of the 2G spectrum or should he be alleged in the same vein as A Raja was treated? But, it is palpable that there was a vested interest to conceal his alleged role in the allocation of 2G spectrum.  It has become also clear that Pranab Mukherjee has made Chidambaram responsible for the 2G controversy. All these indicate that there is infighting in the Manmohan Singh government over 2G issue. With this new turn in the 2G row, it is crystal clear that the Central establishment is reeling under another seething trouble. Needless to say that it is very cumbersome task for the Congress-led government to get Chidambaram out of the 2G-quagmire. The kind of crisis appeared before the Home Minister will have wide ramification on the ruling dispensation.