New Delhi: Home Minister P Chidambaram on Friday parried questions on the truce between him and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on the controversial 2G note and whether he had offered to quit during the crisis.

At his monthly press conference on the Home Ministry's working, a reporter asked him whether Thursday's truce was a defeat for Mukherjee and a win for you.

"I don't recall anything of that in the Ministry of Home Affairs," Chidambaram said.

"Frankly, I have a very short memory," he told a reporter when asked whether he had offered to resign.

"How many times have you offered to resign?" A reporter persisted.

"Along with short memory, I am also poor in counting," the Home Minister shot back.

"At least once?" the reporter tried yet again.

"Actually, I am learning numeracy," Chidamabarm said.

The reporter got back to him saying his answer would lead to more speculation, to which the Home Minister said "you have to fill your pages, go ahead."

Q: So you are not denying that you offered to resign?

A: There is nothing in the question that concerns Home Ministry. The answer is no answer.

Q: Sir, an inter ministerial note (controversial Finance Ministry note) exists in the Government though the Finance Minister may not have given his consent. Do you feel weakened by the controversy?

A: I can't recall anything in the Home Ministry.

When the reporter repeated the question in different form, the Minister said "I can't question your beliefs."

To a question on the "unending rivalry" between Subramanian Swamy and him, he said "there is nothing that concerns the Home Minister."

The reporter again persisted "but it concerns the Home Minister".

Chidambaram replied "it doesn't. There is and there will always be a Home Minister in this country."