New Delhi: In an effort to revamp the criminal justice system of the country, Union Home Minister P Chidambaram advocated separation of investigation and prosecution cadre.

Addressing a meeting of the Consultative Committee of the Home Ministry, Chidambaram said that amendments are required for the speedy delivery of justice.

Putting forth the proposal of separate cadre the Home Minister informed members that Law Commission of India has been requested to give a report on the amendments.

He said the Parliamentary Standing Committee has recommended that there should be comprehensive review of the criminal justice system and introduction of composite draft legislation for revamping the criminal justice system.

Chidambaram said since the Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure are subjects of concurrent list, therefore any amendment related to them requires consultation with states.

Several measures have been suggested to improve the quality of investigation. Interrogation centres should be set up at district headquarters in each district where they do not exist and strengthened where they exist.

For effective investigation, mechanism for coordination amongst investigators, forensic experts and prosecutors at the state and district level should be devised.