New Delhi: After her landslide victory in West Bengal Assembly polls, Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee faces several tough challenges ahead.  And one of the most prominent among them would be to quell the political and the Maoist violence in the state.

TMC has faced allegations from the ruling Left Front in the past that the party was in collusion with the Maoists for political gains.
Senior officials associated with the anti-Maoists operation in the state have expressed apprehensions that Maoists may get covert support from Trinamool.

However, Mamata Banerjee has claimed that under her regime Naxals would be wiped out of the state as she would bring development in the state.

“We will bring development in the state and end Naxalism,” said the Trinamool Congress chief.

There are fears among people that the change of government after so many years might trigger political violence in the state.
A senior official related to internal security believes that the joint operation against naxalism will take a back seat in the state and political violence will be the biggest challenge.

The power equations between the CPM armed leader Harmad Wahini and workers of Trinamool is also set to witness a change in the state.