The post of CDS was recommended by a Group of Ministers in 2001. Parrikar said that the Defence Ministry will also submit a report on various issues that PM Modi had raised during the annual Combined Commanders Conference held in Kochi yesterday.
"Should be," Parrikar told reporters here when asked if the post of a CDS could be a reality soon. "Prime Minister has mentioned many things. We will submitting a report on that soon. He has raised many issues and they are important issues," he said.
If the recommendation for CDS is implemented, it would be the first major military reform by the Modi government besides changes being made in the procurement process. Defence sources have said that the appointment of CDS is aimed at promoting 'jointness at the top' when it comes to planning, operations and modernisation of the military.
Though India has a tri-service command, it is headed by a three-star officer and he is junior to the military chiefs who are four-star. The post of the CDS is likely to be a four-star and he would be in-charge of the tri-services command at Andaman and Nicobar islands, the strategic command in-charge of nuclear weapons along with the upcoming cyber and space command. Prime Minister had yesterday called for 'jointness at the top' of the military establishment.

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