New Delhi: Desiring an amicable solution to the child‘s custody dispute with Norway, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna on Monday took up the matter at the highest level and made an appeal to the Norway government to hand over the two kids who were separated from an NRI couple by the Norwegian Childcare Services.

Krishna on Monday met Norwegian Ambassador N Olasode and urged for an amicable solution of the issue.

“After the strong dialogues that were made in Oslo and here, the matter has been pursued actively with Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and solution may be soon in sight,” sources said.

NRI couple Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya’s children Abhigyan (3) and Aishwarya (1) were taken under protective care by a Norwegian Child Protective Services, citing emotional detachment with the parents as the reason.  They were then placed in foster parental care following the directives of local Norwegian court.

In May 2011, Anurup and Sagarika lost custody of both their kids, after authorities objected hand-feeding the baby and sharing bed with the kids. Notably, the visa of NRI couple who are in Norway due to their professional establishment will expire on March 2012.