London: Indie rock band Arctic Monkeys believe being childhood friends has kept them together this long.

The band, formed in 2002, consists of Matt Helders, Jamie Cook, Nick O'Malley and Alex Turner. They have been friends since growing up in Sheffield, North England, and think their
solid bond has stopped them from succumbing to the pressures of fame.

"Our friendship definitely has something to do with it (staying together). We grew up pretty much on the same street. So we'd hung around with each other a long time before we were
a band and that helps you bypass a lot of those pitfalls," said Turner.
However, the 'Mardy Bum' hitmakers insist that they do argue occasionally, but find it normal.

"You're bound to argue, but I think we get around a lot of that stuff. It's maybe something about where we're from. We're all pretty laid back. Everyone gets aggravated but there
aren't too many tantrums," he said.

"Even if you ran a shop with your brother, you'd have fights. It's that natural sibling rivalry thing," said O'Malley.