Every person in his childhood has played games where he would do anything and everything that the game demanded. But had those games turned into reality, how many of us would actually play them.

Here is the list of five such games, you would never want to happen in reality.


Remember you would throw the stone and cross the entire game on one leg and keeping the other foot down was the biggest fear while playing staapu. But ever imagined if you actually had to live your life one feet? Scary, isn't it?

Hide and Seek

The all-time favourite game that everyone played was surely hide and seek. Hiding into the dark cupboards and then asking people to find you was ultimate fun. But can one stay hidden until the other person finds him/her in reality?

Doctor Doctor Help Us

A game where a bunch of people would entangle themselves again and again in the weirdest possible way so that they call the doctor to help them. What if we were actually supposed to stay entangle? That's creepy!

Oonch Neech

How often do we adjust ourselves as per the wish of others. And how often do we love to stay on a lowe level. In famous childhood game, 'Oonch Neech', we would always that, but would you do that now?

Posham Paa

Is there any person who would wish to go to jail? Not when you are grown up, but during childhood, it was fun to be in jail. Confused? Well, we are talking about 'Posham-pa' where getting in jail was the coolest part.

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