The report 'Healthy Young Minds: Transforming the Mental Health of Children' which was released on the first day of the second World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH) here said that one in 10 young people under 18 has a diagnosable mental illness worldwide.

The recommendations of an inquiry led by Professor Richard Layard, an expert on happiness at the London School of Economics said that the well-being of children must become a major priority for every nation and work must start within communities, healthcare systems and schools to address the burden of poor mental health in childhood.
"Childhood mental illness should be taken as seriously as physical illness and charities must harness smartphone technology to make education and support programs accessible to all," the report recommended.
The report said that the investment required to implement the recommendations could revolutionize the lives of children, whilst also producing major economic benefits to society while focusing on 10 specific evidence-based action points that can be carried out in every country.
Among the others are life-skills curriculum in schools, making well-being of pupils an 'explicit' objective of every school, local communities having a local child well-being strategy, measurement of pupil well-being in schools on a regular basis and others.

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