The campaign, which urges parents to take care of their offspring's diet, warns that obesity and tooth decay are among the consequences of children consuming three times as much sugar as they should.
The 22 kilo-grammes is equivalent to 5,500 sugar cubes. The main culprits of sugar are soft drinks, biscuits, buns, cakes, breakfast cereals, confectionery, fruit juices, pastries and puddings.
As part of its 'Sugar Smart campaign', Change4Life, a public health programme in the UK, has launched a free app that allows people to scan the barcode of a product to show the amount of sugar it contains in cubes and grammes, as media reported.
The maximum added sugar intake for seven to 10-year-old is 24 grammes (six sugar cubes) and for anyone aged 11 or older, it is 30 grammes (seven sugar cubes).


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