In the recent times, Indian kids have proved him right by getting some of the most meritorious awards in the world. Indian parents have been providing their kids with the best of facilities available at a very young age as the saying goes, 'catch them young'. For Indians, education of children have become the top most priority.

On this Children's Day, here is a list of six super kids of India whom our nation should be proud of:

1. Priyanshi Somani: She can be better called as the 'human calculator'. This child prodigy was the youngest participant of the Mental Calculation World Cup (2010) and won the overall title. She left everyone amazed with 100 percent accuracy in addition, multiplication and square root.

2. Akrit Jaswal: Considered to be the smartest person in India with an IQ of 146 performed a surgery when he was just seven years old. He successfully operated on an eight year old girl who badly burnt her finger without any formal medical training or experience. He is the youngest student to be admitted in an Indian University. The child prodigy is about to discover a cure for cancer.

3. Lydia Sebastian: This Indian origin girl in UK beat Albert Einstein's and Stephen Hawking's IQ with a score of 162 on Mensa IQ test. She is believed to have the highest ever IQ in the world.

4. Kautilya Pandit: This seven-year-boy from Haryana left the world mesmerized with his unbelievable memory skills. He could recall 213 countries and answer general knowledge questions related to politics, economy, per capita income, geography and many more. Kautilya got an opportunity to host Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega Crorepati in 2013.

5. Lalita Prasida Sripada Srisai: This 13-year-old girl from Odisha won the 'Community Impact Award' at the prestigious Google Science Fair in California this year. Lalita's project was a low cost water purifier which could purify waste water by passing it through different layers of corn cobs.

6. Ajay Puri: He became the youngest web designer of the world at the age of four. Ajay Puri could operate almost all the Microsoft programs by the age of two. His website, is a hit and he was lauded for his achievements by late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Bill Gates, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and many others. He holds the Guiness World Record of the youngest web designer.

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