Mumbai: The sequel to last year's sleeper hit Chillar Party has encountered a very unusual roadblock.
The eight pre-teen and teenage kids who played the protagonists in the film revolving around a bunch of children and a dog have all grown up, rather rapidly.

Naturally, it will not be possible to shoot the sequel with the same child actors in the cast. The director Vikas Bahl is quite dismayed as he informs, "The film was actually completed two years before it was released early in 2011. So the kids have all moved on. It's sad, but if we shoot the sequel with them they would look like different people."

Bahl now has the task of casting all the eight kids all over again. Bahl rues, "Where will I find the same kind of actors to play Phatka, Jhangiya, Akram, Encylopaedia and the others? We had to audition hundreds of kids to get the correct faces with the talent. Now we've to start from scratch."

Interestingly, the dog that played Bhidu in the film will play himself again in the sequel. Confirms Bahl, "He is my own pet dog. He will appear in all the Chillar Party films."

Apparently, Salman Khan who produced Chillar Party has been making regular inquiries about the sequel. A rather helpless sounding Bahl points out, "We've got the script ready for not just one but two sequels.
Now when we find the right kids we'll shoot both the sequels back-to-back to avoid any delay and the risk of the kids outgrowing the scripts."

In the meanwhile, the director has decided to make another film, a chick flick on the lines of The Bridget Jones Diaries.