New Delhi: The freezing chill has not only unleashed mayhem for homeless people but also sent shivers down the spines of MPs as they have ordered to cut trees which have screened sunshines in their posh residential areas.

With bone-chilling cold waves sweeping the north India, 76 members of Parliament living in the Lutyens Bungalow Zone (LBZ) in Delhi have recommended for cutting down of trees as they are unable to bask sunshines owing to the big trees in the vicinity of their government residences.

The greenery and plants of the LBZ region comes under the supervision of horticulture department of NDMC (New Delhi Municipal Corporation). The Lutyens’ zone is known for its grandiose of greenery and the area comes under high sensitive zone owing to residences of ministers and MPs. The horticulture department is facing fire in handling the MP’s recommendations of felling trees as any tinkering with the area entails for the permission of the forest department.

NDMC spokesperson Amit Prasad said, “We are looking into the matter. The nod of forest department is necessary in such cases. Unless we get green signal from them, plants and trees in this area cannot be cut down.”