China stated it is ‘ready’ for talks with India on its entry into the NSG but hold on India's bid for a UN ban on JeM chief, saying Beijing is opposed to anyone making ‘political gains in the name of counter-terrorism’.

Replying to a question on criticism about China's move to stall India's bid for a UN ban on Azhar - head of Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Muhammad, Li sought to justify Beijing's recent technical hold in the matter, saying: "China is opposed to all forms of terrorism."

"There should be no double standards on counter- terrorism. Nor should one pursue own political gains in the name of counter-terrorism," he said in a veiled reference to India, which is pressing for the UN ban against Azhar over his role in the Pathankot terror attack.

China Puts Hold On UN Ban Of JeM Chief For Second Time Citing Different Views
China on October 7 again blocked India’s bid in UN to ban Masood Azhar saying there were ‘different views’ on India's application.

Reacting to India's criticism that its second hold on attempts to ban Azhar sends a dangerous message, the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that the listing application member states submitted to the 1267 Committee of UN ‘must comply’ with specific requirements of relevant resolutions of UN Security Council (UNSC).

"There are still different views on India's listing application made this March. The technical hold on it will allow more time for the Committee to deliberate on the matter and for relevant parties to have further consultations," the ministry said in a written reply to agency to a question seeking its response to India's strong criticism.

The reference to ‘further consultations’ apparently referred to direct consultations between India and Pakistan over the issue.

China is the lone member among the 15-member UNSC to oppose the ban on Azhar, Beijing claims that ‘different views’ existed about India's application against Azhar.

India’s Furious reaction Over China Blocking UN Ban On Masood Azhar Again
Without naming China, External Affairs Ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup said on October 6 that only one country had put the technical hold, blocking the ban by another three months, and criticised the completely non-transparent and anonymous manner of designating individuals by the UN Sanctions Committee.

India has been highlighting the cross-border terror threat emanating from Pakistan and tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad are on the rise since Uri attack in Jammu and Kashmir which killed 19 Indian soldiers.

China Alone Puts First Technical Hold On UN JeM Chief Ban
China had put the first technical hold six months ago on India's application following Azhar's alleged involvement in the Pathankot terrorist attack.

China had extended the second technical hold valid for three months despite several consultations between New Delhi and Beijing at various levels. While opposing the ban against Azhar, the Chinese Foreign Ministry however said "China firmly supports combating all forms of terrorism, stronger international cooperation against terrorism, and supports the central and coordinating role of the UN in international counter-terrorism cooperation".

It said, China always maintains that on the listing matter, the 1267 Committee should stick to the principles of objectivity, impartiality and professionalism, base its judgments on solid evidence and decide upon consensus among the members of the Security Council.

China is the lone member among the 15-member UNSC to oppose the ban on Azhar, Beijing claims that ‘different views’ existed about India's application against Azhar.