Beijing: China and Pakistan are expected to step up their efforts to build oil pipelines and railroads linking the two countries following, a Chinese think-tank said on Thursday.

"Both nations are expected to step up their cooperation on building the oil pipeline and railroads linking the two countries,” Wang Dehua, of the Shanghai Institute for International Strategic Studies said on Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's visit to Pakistan.

Besides consolidating political ties, a major objective for Li's visit was to seek closer economic and trade cooperation, he said.

In an interview with Pakistani media, Li had said, “There is still great potential for the relationship, suggesting both sides focus more on carrying out prioritized energy development and power generation, and the building of a China-Pakistan economic corridor."

The shape of a China-Pakistan energy corridor has been given a boost since a Chinese company took over operation of Pakistan's Gwadar port in February. "Closer cooperation with Pakistan would also improve the opening up and economic development of western China, in terms of linking to the Indian Ocean," Wang said.

Wang Xu, a researcher in South Asian studies at Peking University, said the Pakistani manufacturing sector will be greatly boosted and updated if China can transfer some of its factories to its neighbour.


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