Beijing (Agencies): Against the milieu of escalating Indo-US ties and China's promising trade relations with India, Pakistan Premier Yousuf Raza Gilani has said Beijing has a "greater responsibility" to play a balancing role to bring about stability in South Asia.

"China is a country which is economically moving in the right direction. Therefore, China can play an extremely important role in building regional stability by balancing the forces," said Gilani.

Indirectly referring to the Indo-US treaty on civil nuclear cooperation, he said "some of the agreements made with the US really concern Pakistan because we need stability in the region and if there is no parity between the two countries naturally there would be no stability in the region”.

Therefore, there is a "greater responsibility on China to balance the relations" to bring about regional stability, he said, skirting a direct reference to the growing India-China trade that crossed USD 60 billion last year.

His remarks came against the backdrop of write-ups by Chinese official think tanks which stated that China does not pursue a policy of "strategic equilibrium" in South Asia as different factors guided Beijing's relations with New Delhi and Islamabad.

Gilani said Pakistan pursues close relations with all neighbours, including India, and no country in the region should be threatened by close strategic relations between China and Pakistan.

Commenting on the greatest hindrance to growth, he said Pakistan, the US and Afghanistan should work on a common strategy to fight terrorism and extremism.

"One thing I assure you, Pakistan is part of the solution and not part of problem," he remarked.