Beijing: China on Thursday said it has exported communications satellites to Pakistan, Nigeria, and Venezuela. At a press conference held in Beijing marking the publication of the country's latest white paper on space activities, Zhang Wei, spokesperson for the China National Space Administration, said: “The country has engaged in 12 bilateral cooperation mechanisms within inter-governmental frameworks.”

China exported communications satellites to Nigeria, Venezuela and Pakistan, said Zhang.

The white paper, titled China's Space Activities in 2011 and detailing the development of the Chinese space industry since 2006 and the major tasks for the next five years, is the third such paper on the country's space activities issued by the State Council Information Office. The previous two were issued in 2000 and 2006, respectively said.

Major tasks listed in the white paper include space transportation system, Earth satellites, human space-flights and deep-space exploration.

In the next five years, the country's international space exchanges and cooperation will focus on various areas, including applications of Earth observation satellites in environment and disaster monitoring, global climate change monitoring and forecasting, and marine monitoring.

It will also focus on personnel exchanges and training in the field of space, according to the white paper.

China has signed a number of cooperation agreements and memoranda on the peaceful utilisation of outer space with a host of countries, space agencies and international organisations, says the white paper.

It also says that China has actively promoted extensive applications of Earth observation satellite data with various countries.

China, says the paper, has given many countries free receiving stations for meteorological satellite broadcasting systems and comprehensive systems for meteorological information analysis and processing.

The white paper also states that China and Russia have signed a number of cooperation agreements on space science, and deep-space exploration.

It also says that the national space administrations of both the countries have opened representative offices in each other's countries.

China has developed multilateral exchanges and cooperation in satellite navigation, Earth observation, Earth science and research, disaster prevention, deep-space exploration, and space debris, says the white paper.