Malakas will be the 16th storm of this year's typhoon season, coming after Typhoon Meranti made landfall in Fujian province on Thursday. That storm killed at least 11 people in China and Taiwan and cut power to more than a million homes. Ahead of landfall, Meranti drew a red alert in China's warning system for severe weather that ranks red as most serious, followed by orange, yellow and blue.

Malakas is expected to bring heavy rains to the coasts of Zhejiang and Fujian provinces as well as parts of Taiwan from Saturday night to Sunday, Xinhua reported quoting China's National Meteorological Center. Waves as high as 3.8 metres are likely in those coastal provinces and ships are advised to stay clear of the area, said China's National Marine Environmental Forecasting Center.

Support teams have been sent to Zhejiang and Fujian provinces as well as the commercial hub of Shanghai to prepare aid and relief, Xinhua said. In Taiwan, Malakas has prompted schools and companies to close and disrupted flights and train services. No damage or casualties have been reported.

Before Meranti struck mainland China, dozens of flights and train services were cancelled, disrupting travel at the beginning of a three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Meranti was the strongest typhoon to hit that part of the coast since 1949, Xinhua said.

Typhoons are common at this time of year, picking up strength as they cross warm Pacific waters, and bringing fierce winds and rain when they reach land.

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