"We are soliciting public opinion to improve the exhibition. We haven't ruled out the possibility of banning auto show girls," a statement by the organising committee of the SAE was quoted as saying by media.
The organising committee did not give the reason due to which it is considering banning models in skimpy dresses at the show beginning on April 22, but there has been reports by Chinese media that the organisers are facing mounting security pressure after a stampede on New Year's eve.
The stampede at Shanghai's historic riverfront walk during the New Year's Eve celebrations that killed 36 people cast a shadow over urban management and emergency response in China's crowded cities.

After the tragedy, Beijing authorities tightened supervision on sales promotions in shops and supermarkets, while the Shanghai government announced that mass gatherings and activities will face stricter registration procedures and will be cancelled if they violate safety rules.
Chinese experts believe that at such shows the organisers should bear in mind that cars should have the leading role at the exhibition.
"More efforts should be mounted regarding the technique, function, quality, appearance, and after-sale service of cars to win the hearts of consumers," said Cao Shiliang, sales director of a Dongfeng Motor Corporation outlet.

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