Tokyo: The Dalai Lama on Monday said that the Chinese authorities were not "seriously investigating" the spate of self immolations of Tibetans across the country.
"The Chinese government aims to put an end to the problem by blaming it on the Dalai Lama without conducting a serious investigation," he told Japanese media. His comments came after seven Tibetans set themselves on fire in a week long angry protests timed with a major political reshuffle underway in the world's most populous country.
Sixty-nine people have set themselves on fire to protest Chinese rule of Tibet, since 2009, of which 54 have died, according to media reports. The 77-year old leader also said that the Tibetan government in exile would welcome action by Beijing to end the tragedies in Tibet, a news agency reported.
Tibetan spiritual leader is scheduled to address Japanese lawmakers at lower house members office building at a gathering hosted by bipartisan group of parliamentarians, at a time when the Chinese government has criticised Japan for allowing his entry into the country, Kyodo reported.
According to the agency more than 100 lawmakers would be attending Dalai Lamas' address.


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