Beijing: The Dragon is recognized as the cultural mascot of China across the world. But China dislikes being associated with the dragon’s fierceness. Pitching for stronger ties with India it said that at-least neighboring countries should not perceive China with a western approach. India should compare China with a ‘panda’, which is undoubtedly huge in size but harmless in nature.

It’s noteworthy that 2012 is being celebrated as the year of the Chinese dragon. It also marks the completion of six decades of Indo-China diplomatic relations.

Therefore, 2012 is being perceived by both countries as a milestone in the history of Indo-China bilateral relations and could even begin a new chapter on cooperation between the two countries.

China’s deputy director-general of Asian affairs Sun Weidong said, “The image of China and Dragon is generally perceived negatively.  According to the Chinese culture the dragon does not spew fire and is rather associated with water.”