Beijing: China is finalising a comprehensive legislation to curb terrorism as it battles rising militancy in its restive northwest Xinjiang province, which borders Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK).

China's legislature, the National People's Congress (NPC), on Monday began discussion on a bill that aims to freeze funds and assets of terrorists and their organisations after their names are published by the public security authorities, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

The bill came up before the Standing Committee of the NPC, which opened its bi-monthly session.

China's legislature began discussion on the anti-terror draft bill which is expected to pave the way for further crackdowns on terrorism by defining terrorist acts and organisations, official media here reported.

China, which deployed large number of security forces in Xinjiang province experienced periodic attacks by militants belonging to East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM), targeting the mainland Han community's establishment.

Xinjiang, home to Uyghur Muslims of Turkik origin, has been experiencing ethnic tensions after the 2009 riots during which about 200 people were killed and hundreds injured.

Xinjiang officials blamed militants’ camps in Pakistan for training some of the militants who took part in the July attacks after which Islamabad stepped up its anti terrorism cooperation with China.

Besides the anti-terrorism legislation, Chinese lawmakers will review draft laws and amendments concerning mental health, military service and clean-production promotion in the session to run till Saturday.

The draft resolution on government reports on affordable housing and environmental protection will also be submitted to the legislature.

The lawmakers will also review reports from the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate on promoting justice in judicial systems during the session.

The bill submitted to the NPC defined terrorist acts as those which are intended to induce public fear or to coerce state organs or international organisations by means of violence, sabotage, threats or other tactics.

These acts cause or aim to cause severe harm to society by causing casualties, bringing about major economic losses, damaging public facilities or disturbing social order, Xinhua

Instigating, funding or assisting with other means are also terrorist acts, according to the draft bill.

Terrorist organisations are defined in the draft bill as those which are established to conduct terrorist acts, while terrorists are those who organise, plot and conduct terrorist acts, and those who are members of terrorist groups, it said.