Beijing, Jan 16 (Agencies): To curb corruption among officials, a Chinese provincial government introduced computer software which continuously monitors their work.

"If an official violates the protocol when dealing with a case, a red light will flicker," said Ding Haiyang, head of the discipline department of the Nanjing Urban Planning Bureau of Jiangsu Province.

The system enables public to follow their case, know the result of the official's work on a website and make complaints online, Ding said.

"Since the system was installed, every official has tried his best to finish his part of his work in time and hand it to colleagues in the next step.

The new system is proving effective as 52 departments of the provincial government, 13 city governments and 106 county departments in Jiangsu are linked by the new monitoring system.
According to the provincial discipline agency, the system has sent about 3,200 yellow-light warnings and 22,400 red-light warnings throughout the province since it started operation in January last year.

The new system is one of many measures the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CPC) is publicising as a part of its efforts to show that fighting corruption is its major priority as it continued unabated despite cases where some high profile officials have been given death sentences.

According to new figures, recent commercial bribes alone amounted to a whopping 16.59 billion Yuan (USD 2.65 billion) during the past five years.

Prosecutors at all levels investigated more than 240,000 cases of embezzlement, bribery, dereliction of duty, and rights infringement.