"Examination of construction plans for the "Sky City" basic structure and its fire-fighting facilities, and application for official licenses are under way as required," the management committee of Wancheng District of Changsha in Hunan province  said.

Earlier, reports had said the plans to build the structure had been cancelled as a new ban on construction of all government buildings for the next five years came into effect following the economic slowdown.

Also, construction on the proposed 838-meter tall building was stopped soon after the ground-breaking ceremony on July 20 due to concerns over the project's safety, environmental issues and construction speed.

The critics of the building, which aims to go past Dubai's Burj Khalifa by 10 meters, have been assured that no substantial construction will be allowed till all relevant legal procedures have been complied with. "No substantial construction will be launched before the project obtains legal licenses," the committee said in a statement.

"Nine domestic construction experts have carried out a series of examinations on the project, including its structure and quake resistance," it added.

According to the project's builder, Broad Sustainable Building Technology Co. Ltd, the massive structure will take just seven months to complete. The building, which is made of steel, will be able to accommodate 30,000 people with school, hotel, hospital, apartment and office facilities and an 8,000-square-meter garden.


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