Beijing: China aims to curb illegal entry, stay and employment of foreigners. The state council submitted on Monday a draft law on exit and entry administration to the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee, the top legislature of the country, for its first reading.

The existing law on exit and entry administration, established 26 years ago, barely mentioned illegal employment of foreigners in China.

A foreigner shall get work permits and residence certificates for employment before getting employed, according to the draft law.
Foreigners who work illegally in China will be fined between 5,000 yuan (USD 792) and 20,000 yuan, and may be detained 5-15 days for serious violations.

Those who illegally provide job placement services for foreigners or illegally employ foreigners would be also fined.

'We shall put forth efforts on regularizing foreigners who are working in China, do better in visa issuing, and strengthen residential management of foreigners,' said Yang Huanning, Deputy Minister of Public Security.

China would like to introduce more high-end professionals and limit the inflow of low-end workers, Yang said.

According to the government, the number of people entering and exiting China has increased by 10 percent annually since 1990. In 2010, the number reached 382 million, including 52 million foreigners.