"The People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China is the people's army. All its officers, men and women must bear in mind their responsibility of serving the people whole- heartedly, faithfully fulfil the sacred duty of protecting the nation's security and people's well-being, and carry out the noble mission of upholding world peace," he said.
"Here, I announce that China will cut the number of its troops by 300,000," the General Secretary of the ruling Communist Party and the Commander-in-Chief of the PLA said addressing a massive military parade held to commemorate 70th anniversary of the victory against Japan in World War II.
The reduction is regarded as part of efforts by the PLA, which operates with the annual defence budget of USD 145 billion, the second highest after the US, to streamline its force as it launched unprecedented modernisation with new weapons and technology.
With 2.3 million, China now has the world's largest active-duty military, including 850,000 ground forces, according to a government paper published in 2013.
After Xi's announcement, Defence Ministry Spokesman Yang Yujun said the troop cuts will be affected by the end of 2017 in an effort to build slimmer but stronger armed forces.


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