AIIB said in a statement that the meeting finalised the articles of agreement, which are expected to be ready for signing by the end of June, but did not give details.

Delegates said that China would likely take a 25-30 percent stake in the bank, and India was likely to be the second-largest shareholder.In all, Asian countries are expected to own between 72 and 75 percent of the bank, while European and other nations will own the rest.

A third delegate said each country representative would take the proposals back to their governments for a final decision.

A total of 57 countries have joined AIIB as its prospective founding members, throwing together countries as diverse as Iran, Israel, Britain and Laos.

The United States and Japan have stayed out of the institution, seen as a rival to the U.S.-dominated World Bank and Japan-led Asian Development Bank, citing concerns about transparency and governance, although Tokyo for one is keeping its options open.
The amount of Japanese funds, to be invested over five years, tops the expected $100 billion capitalisation.

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