Patna: Eulogizing the commitment of Red Dragon for its development, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, who returned from his week-long China trip on Sunday, said there were new areas of cooperation in sectors like tourism, power and agriculture where the two countries could work together for mutual benefit.

“The visit to China remained useful as I got the opportunity to see and study the development in various sectors in the country,” he said, adding that the overall progress is commendable and worth emulating.

“We may send a delegation of legislators and farmers to China so that they could learn the development in the field of agriculture thre ,” said the Bihar CM. He said the work on building infrastructure, bridge, railway network, industries and 8-lane roads is amazing.

During his visit to China, the Chief Minister had a dialogue with the administrative officials of the country. In order to develop relation with China, Nitish held a round table conference as well.

The CM went to see coal-based electricity projects in China where he found the power generation unit was producing 100 percent of its capacity.