Beijing: A Chinese actress came under attack from netizens for backing a microblog that described homosexuality as "shameful" and "sinful".

Lu Liping, who starred in numerous films and TV dramas, recently re-tweeted on microblog from a priest who condemned homosexuality as "sinful" and called on her fans to denounce homosexuals, according to a report.

Lu soon found herself the target of criticism from many celebrities and netizens.

The famed Taiwanese TV host Kevin Tsai, who admitted he was gay in 2002, reminded Lu that many gays and lesbians had helped her in her career, while another Chinese actress Song Dandan bluntly asked Lu to "shut up".

Lu's husband Sun Haiying, also a well known film actor, refused to comment on his wife's stance, but said everyone had the right to express personal views.

Sun had also labelled homosexuality as a "crime" in 2007 and was also flayed by people on the Internet.     As Lu won the Best Actress Award of Taiwan's Golden Horse Award last year, she was supposed to be the presenter of this year's award.

However, Hou Hsiao-hsien, chairman of the Golden Horse Award Committee, is uncertain whether to invite Lu to this year's ceremony because of her discriminative behaviour.