Shanghai: China seems to be very serious about exploiting Indian market despite all geo-political controversies. Chinese companies are ready to be compatible with Indian rules and regulations which signifies the reason behind their dominance in bilateral trade with their neighbour.    

The aggressive approach of the Chinese professionals is apparent from the fact that they are ready to change their name in order to improve communication with their overseas counterparts. The leading communication equipment company Huawei senior vice president Yao Weimen chose to bear an Indian name, Rajiv. A Chinese Foreign Ministry official says that since the liberalization in 1980s, every Chinese professional bears an English name as well. Indian Ambassador in Beijing S Jaishankar has requested Chinese government to adopt a flexible approach in their rules and regulations and also urged the Indian companies that in order to make their presence in Chinese market, they should not wait for the announcements for relaxations from the Chinese government.

Indian investment in China is at USD 44.2 crore whereas the Chinese investment in India is at USD 57.6 crore. It is noted that the bilateral trade between the two countries still has a lot of potential to grow further. However, an official from the Chinese Commerce Ministry has said that India should not worry because in the bilateral trade between China and Malaysia, Malaysia is holding upper hand.  

Chinese companies are also making attempts to enhance their reputation in India. They have put off their long time demand for visa norms relaxations and started recruiting local professional for their projects in India. 

Huawei India has been set up in India and promised to abide by the rules of the Indian Telecom department. Just like Huawei, Shanghai Electric Corporation is planning to enter into Indian market in a joint venture with Alstom.