Beijing: Recently, a couple from Nanjing city in China has become very popular on internet. They are in trends because of their stories of frugality. The couple spends just above 10 percent of their monthly income and saves rest of the amount. In the afternoon, they take meal given to them by their recruiter.

According to the report from a Chinese news agency, Nanjing resident Guo Hao has mentioned on an online post that he along with his wife saves big amount of their earned salary. Hao says “Our monthly earning is around 9,000 Yuan, out of which we spend only 1,000 Yuan.” The post has received overwhelming responses. Youths are interested in knowing how they are able to manage the expenses to save such a big amount. Hao works in a public enterprise, whereas his wife is a nurse.

According to the couple, they go for dinner when the market is about to close because there is high chances of getting discount. They have borrowed housing loan for their small apartment. EMIs are paid from their housing provident fund. The couple stays nearby their offices to minimize the transportation costs. Also, they buy clothes from roadside market.

On the other hand, a Japanese woman staying in New York is also in reckoning for self restraint in spending money. She has set a target of saving USD 2.5 Lakh by next year. To achieve that she has put off the idea of using toilet papers. She does not avail laundry service. The obsession has gone to the limit of searching for food in dumping baggage.

The New York resident Japanese lady Hashimoto who is certified public accountant by profession has not bought any toilet products in last ten years. She bought a house in Harlem in 2010. To save money, she uses soap after using toilet. For health checkups, she prefers to join medical camps. She washes her clothes while taking bath. Hashimoto tells New York post “I was never a spendthrift and always tried spending as less as I can because there is a lot of job insecurity these days and I am always prepared for job loss.”


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