Beijing: As the standoff between the Chinese and Philippine navies continue over the disputed islands in the South China Sea, a state run Chinese daily has said that Beijing should be prepared to wage a "small scale war" with Manila, besides imposing sanctions.

"China should be prepared to engage in a small-scale war at sea with the Philippines", state run Global Times said in an editorial over the ongoing standoff between the navies of China and Philippines over the Huangyan Island or Scarborough Shoal in the SCS claimed by both the countries.

"Once the war erupts, China must take resolute action and deliver a clear message to the outside world that it does not want a war, but definitely has no fear of it. Nevertheless, such a war cannot put the SCS to an end",it said.

"Cold treatment to Manila should last for a certain period. China needs to undertake losses from ensuing sanctions on Manila. Protecting islands in the SCS is not an empty slogan. It calls for our patience, costs and perseverance", the editorial said.

SCS disputes involving China and a host of East Asian countries including Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Taiwan flared up in recent months as US extended its firm backing to the small countries ranged against Beijing to assert their maritime rights.
China has also protested to India and Russia over their companies taking oil exploration contracts in the blocs claimed by Vietnam in SCS.

The editorial in the daily came as China has sent its most advanced fishery patrol ship to the uninhabited island stating that its aim is to protect from the harassment of the Philippine naval gunboats.