Hapur: There is boom of Chinese diyas and candles in market this Diwali as their demands are soaring high. The thinking of people is now changing. Earlier, earthen diya with mustard oil and ghee was used to celebrate Diwali; while now, designer candles and lamps are in demand.

Diya has not lost its religious significance but its numbers have definitely reduced. Previously, each house used to have hundreds of diyas and now they are reduced to 20 or 25, which has been replaced by candles or diyas made of wax.

Chinese candles are selling like hot cake. Neelam Gupta, residence of Freeganj Road, said, “The Chinese candles and diyas are available in glittering colors and their designs are also very attractive. They are so tempting that one can’t resist buying them and they are also quite inexpensive.”

“Chinese diya and candles are attracting people. They are so beautiful that instead of using them on Diwali, you can also decorate them in your drawing rooms other days,” said Manager of Mona Tream Gallery.

Floating candles, colorful glittering candles, flower candles and animal candles are more in demand.