Beijing: A Chinese farmer, who claimed to have an alien in his freezer, was on Friday arrested for 'disrupting social order' by creating internet frenzy.

Chinese man’s pic with ‘alien’ goes viral

Li Kai, from Binzhou in eastern Chinese province of Shangdong, said he spotted five aliens when an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) crashed near the Yellow River. Li posted pictures of his find in Sino Weibo, China's equivalent of Facebook. Li said he collected the corpse and drove home and preserved the body in his freezer.

Li changed his mind following interrogation by police and admitted that the rubber doll was a fake.

Police issued a statement saying the figure in Li's freezer was not another life form, but high quality rubber. “The alien purported electrocuted and discovered by a man in Binzhou is a high quality imitation. The body is made up of high quality rubber,” the Jinan Police said.


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