Notably, a large variety of attractive electric lights are flooding the markets. Beautiful lights in the form of coils, ropes, chandeliers, balls, garden lights, artificial diyas made of Chinese electric bulbs are available.

Markets are also offering Chinese rangoli, showpiece, Ganesh and Lakshmi idols, frames and flowers in a wide range. Demand of these Chinese products is because they are cheaper as compared to other items. The other prominent reason with Chinese lights is that they consume less power and are shockproof.

As customers preferred Chinese items ahead of Diwali, shopkeepers in Uttar Pradesh urged government to start making policies for 'Make in India' initiative to compete in the market. Traders in Kanpur said that to compete with demand for cheap Chinese lamps and lights, the government should formulate policies. A shopkeeper, Hanumanth Dikshit, who has been selling Chinese lights since 15 years now said Chinese products have a strong hold over the market. Another shopkeeper, Atul Tiwari, said if the products, sold by Chinese, could be made in India with better quality, they would have more demand.