On March 1, 2014, Guan Quanzhi, 68, of Liziba village in Bikou Township, Gansu Province was bitten while watching and chasing a wild giant panda which appeared in the village, according to the Wen County court.

Guan suffered fractures of tibiofibula and artery ruptures on the right lower leg and ankle tibial after being attacked by the panda.

Relatives of Guan sued the county forestry bureau and Gansu Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve in February 2015, after negotiation of treatment failed.

It was the first case of a protected wild animal attacking a human being heard by the court of the county.An agreement of 400,000 yuan compensation was reached by both sides after the court's meditation, news agency reported.

The Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve stretches across both Longnan City's Wudu District and Wen County. It was one of China's three biggest giant panda nature reserves which are overseen by the country's State Forestry Bureau.


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