The ceremony on Friday was held in a traditional sun-ray way by lighting the torch with a spotlight. The torch was passed to China's Olympic champions Liu Yanan and Wang Jiao, reports a news agency.

In bright sunshine that rarely occurs in this wet hot summer, the flame was lit successfully by the champions in a tranquil and peaceful way.

The lighting ceremony was held at the Mt. Laotieshan, located on southernmost tip of the Liaotung peninsular, which is the second largest peninsula in the nation.

"The location of lighting ceremony represents the restless desire for China to thrive from land toward the oceans. And we hope to build Liaoning, the coastal province in northeast China, a better place to live," said Xu Weiguo, Vice-Governor of Liaoning Province.

According to the National Games organizing committee, the torch relay will be held Aug 10-28 with 1,712 torch bearers passing in 14 cities throughout Liaoning province.


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