New Delhi: The state government is preparing to run foreign-make buses on Delhi roads. Initially, buses would be purchased from China. Later, Delhi’s roads will see buses from Poland and Sweden too. A detailed discussion on the issue took place in a meeting under Chief Minister Sheila Dixit’s chairmanship Monday evening.

It is learnt that the Delhi government had to look towards importing foreign-make buses as the Indian manufacturers were not able to supply the requisite number of buses on time. Initially, only two to three buses will be ordered from each foreign manufacturer under a pilot project and further orders will be made only after receiving feedback from the passengers.

The Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) has some 6000 buses, whereas the requirement is for 11000 buses. The Delhi government is planning to buy 1725 buses in order to bridge the gap between demand and supply, some 425 buses will be purchased under the cluster service.

Transport Minister of Delhi, Ramakant Goswami said, “Foreign manufacturers have been invited to make a presentation of their services.”


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