"I am also co-ordinating with various Ministries like Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Law and Justice to bring about further measures for enhancing the security of tourists, especially women tourists," he said, expressing concern over reports of alleged harassment of the American student.
Michaela Cross, a Chicago University student, had described India as "a traveler’s heaven and a woman's hell" after a study trip to the country.
Cross had given an account of her trip to the country last year, during which she alleged that she experienced relentless sexual harassment, groping and worse.
"I was extremely pained when I read about the harassment that a student encountered during her stay in India. I have taken up similar issues with several Chief Ministers and have addressed all State Tourism Ministers.
"Consequently, all state tourism departments have unanimously agreed to put into place, measures to give greater security to all tourists, especially women tourists," Chiranjeevi said in a statement.
He said that his Ministry has also launched a sensitization campaign called 'I respect women'. Chiranjeevi further stated, "I am now coordinating with the Union Ministries concerned – firstly, to raise awareness about the need for more sensitive behaviour towards women and secondly, to provide greater security. In all cases that are brought to our attention, we will endeavour to take remedial action as appropriate."


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