New Delhi: Is the sun making you sweat a lot? Or are you scared of smelling bad during the humid monsoon? Find respite in fruity, fresh and floral fragrances and get rid of foul body odour, but stay away from heavy scents, experts say.

An interesting way of choosing the right fragrance is to think about what makes you really happy - is it gardening or taking a walk on the beach? Or do you love to be on the patio sipping cool iced tea?

"If you love the garden and roses and sweet smells of the fruits, then you probably like floral and fruity scents. If you love having thirst-quenching, sparkling drinks, there are fragrances in notes of verbena, green tea and grapefruits which are refreshing," said Debabani Guha, head trainer at L'Occitane India.

"Then there are fragrances inspired by the beach - combining aquatic, woody notes and sandalwood and earthy notes," added Guha.

The fragrance can be in any form - deodorant, cologne, perfume, talcum, shower gel, soap or even a gentle moisturiser.

"Light fragrances in eau de toilette or colognes are ideal for the summer; keep the heavier eau de parfum concentration for colder months. Fresh, floral and uplifting citrus scents are optimal for women, while aquatic, citrus, and gentle woody notes work best for men," explained Guha.

So what's hot this season?

"Scents like lavender, rose, jasmine, lime, lemongrass or oceanic like a blend of blue lotus, seaweed are some of the hottest choices. Also, fragrances like spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus are gaining popularity," Divita Kanoria, chief wellness officer, The Vedic Collection said.

Musk is a big no-no during summer, especially as it is one of those scents that is known to deepen with sweaty odours of the body, which will only make you smell worse.

So, it's important to choose your fragrance right.

While choosing a suitable scent, it is vital to first decide whether you're looking for something to wear during the day, for evenings or just for fun. Lighter fragrances work better for daytime and it is best to spray heavier scents for a night out.

Also remember, if you like the smell of a perfume or aftershave on someone else, it may not smell the same on you.

"Fragrance reacts uniquely on different skin types or under different conditions; for example, body temperature, diet and weather. A fragrance that you love wearing may not smell the same on someone else or suit their personality," Kochhar said.

Also, it is a good idea to prepare your body for a good perfume by first applying a light moisturiser and following it with a perfume. Don't try to mask body odour with abundant quantities of perfume as it can aggravate the condition.


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