"We are making provisions in terms of practices, procedures and training to ensure that henceforth, if something goes down, we will be able to pick it up within an hour. If not, we are not doing the job properly," Eastern Air Command Chief Air Marshal C Harikumar said.

"We do have a terrain that has a lot of vegetation and sometimes when helicopters or something goes down, we are unable to pick it up. What happened with Pawan Hans, it took us some time, but I promise you as we go on, this will change," he said.

Harikumar highlighted the fact that there are pilot rescue vehicles (PRV) in the cockpits which can be activated by the pilot or an automated emergency location transmitter which is activated on impact.

The Eastern Command Chief said the moment a helicopter or aircraft hits the ground, information would be transmitted the satellite wherein an agency would react and provide

"Whatever system we have on board should be able to react and give us information... We are talking of better electro optical, Infra Red cameras to see if something happened in the hills," he cited.

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