Bhopal: In a bid to seize corruption in the state, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has strictly ordered the Police Commissioners and District Magistrates to take immediate and stringent actions against the corrupts, no matter how much powerful the person is.

Chouhan was interacting with the Commissioners and District Magistrates through the video conferencing program ‘Parakh’ on Thursday.

Condemning the cases of illegal mining in the state, the Chief Minister asked the officers to take necessary actions against the wrongdoers immediately.

Speaking over the emerging issues of food adulteration during the festive season, Chouhan asked them to book the corrupt food traders. However, he urged to not create unnecessary obstruction in the working of those traders who are clean and are doing their work honestly.

Chouhan informed the officials that the Central Government has granted the allocation of mixed fertilizers to the state.

He asked the officers to remain vigilant and keep tab of instances of black marketing of these fertilizers.

The Chief Minister also toughened his stand on the cases of atrocities against the women. He directed them to handle such cases stringently.

In a major relief to the soya bean farmers in the state, Chouhan directed the officials to make the insurance money available to them without any further delay.