Managing multiple tabs has not remained an easy affair especially in the day and age when we're inundated with links from different social platforms. It is more terrible for the users as opening more and more tabs often result in slowing the process, besides creating a complete mess.

Playing multimedia links on the browser when hundreds of other links are already running on the same platform is even more annoying for the users.

Finding a solution to these troubles, search giant Google in its latest beta release of Chrome browser has introduced impressive icons for tabs that are running multimedia content.

The tab will sport a speaker icon for music and video links. While  webcam tab will be represented by a red camera indicator-like circular icon, a blue TV-like rectangular icon will represent the tabs on which streaming content is in process. This system will allow users to easily identify these open tabs and close them according to their suitability. These icons will also make the browser a presentable look.

Reports say, Chrome Beta will also have a feature in which malware files would be automatically blocked. It also displays a 'This file is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it' message in the download tray at the bottom of your screen. The message can be dismissed with the press of a button. The browser already offers Safe Browsing program that warns users before they visit malicious websites or download malicious files.